August 17, 2013

August Ipsy Bag: Glam Academy!

I have a confession: I'm a bit of a product hoarder. I use different things periodically, but there are very few things that get constant rotation in my collection. My Ipsy subscription seems to add to this problem. However, I'm never not excited about getting it in the mail. This month was especially exciting because I saw that I was getting an Urban Decay Revolution lipstick. Who cares that it was a baby-sized sample? It's freaking UD! I could have possibly thrown everything else in the bag out and lived happily.  I won't lie though, I was pretty into the idea of the Michael Tood face Mask too.

So this month's bag included 3 samples and 2 full-sized products (From L-R) :
Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in 69 ($22 for full size)
Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Face Mask ($34 for full size)
Micabella Beauty Shimmer Powder in Bronze ($14.95- this is the full size)
Nailtini polish in Mai Tai ($6- this is full sized)
Pixi Lash Boosting Mascara ($17 for full size)
             Total: 93.95........................................................................................

So immediately, I swatched the lipstick. That color came from two very short swipes, so the pigmentation is awesome. It's quite pretty. The package described the color as "bright red with a pink undertone" I really just see a medium red with cool undertones. I could see the blue in it as soon as I applied it. It's extremely creamy, but maybe a little bit too much for my liking. I later went to test it with my regular red lipstick routine of line-fill-lipstick-blot and I kid you not, I had 10 different sets of lipstick prints and I still got some on my drinking glass. That's a lot of transfer. I know I didn't use too much product because I applied it with a lip brush.  Maybe there is something to be said about owning a UD lip liner (I don't) because this sucker didn't stay put for me. I'm not sure how everyone on the internet got it to last for 4 hours.

 Below that, I swatched the shimmer pigment. I have a couple other colors from Micabella. I can never quite resist when the cute Israeli guy running the cart in the mall approaches me. It's usually right after I've walked out of Sephora. I'm sorry, I'm weak. Compulsion to buy not withstanding, It's a pretty standard bronze. If you've ever worked with a pigment, you know they can be a pain because they are messy.  I may use it as a cheekbone highlight  or something.

I have a small collection of about 7 nail polishes. I hardly ever use them. It's a shame really. I have naturally long nails and I use them for everything. That's actually the problem! I paint my nails and they last about 20 minutes before I've chipped them somehow. Give me three days and the polish looks a haggard mess. I'm gonna try to do better because I really, seriously love this color. The Nailtini website describes the color as a "vibrant sunrise coral."  I got more of an orange from it when I applied it.

The Pixi Lash Boosting Mascara is really basic. Totally unimpressed.  Mascara is my can't live without item. I love trying new ones but I've gotten better out of my $4 Great Lash. The formula for this is really wet and even though the brush is small, the product got all over my eyelid. I'll save it for my travel bag, but I wouldn't ever consider paying $17 for it.

The other product I was excited about in this bag... and I'm not disappointed. I've been one of my favorite YT ladies, Keisha, aka Makeupd0ll has been using various  Michael Todd products with success to clear up her acne scarring, so I was psyched to get this. According to the Michael Todd website:
 "This mask smells so much like fresh pumpkin you will think it's Thanksgiving. And exfoliant lovers will give Thanks! That tingle is the pumpkin enzyme combining with glycolic acid to go to town on your skin’s flaws dissolving impurities like dead skin and clogged pores. Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a single use."
I tried this out and I have to say, that "tingle" actually stings a bit. The feeling lasted for about a minute and it was only on my cheeks where I have very large pores and most of my scarring. It wasn't highly uncomfortable, but if your skin is remotely sensitive, I wouldn't recommend using this. The smell reminds me of baby food, but as it dried, it started to smell more like pumpkin pie. I thought it was kinda strange, but I can handle it for 15 minutes a week. After rinsing, my skin definitely felt much smoother and looked brighter. Time will tell if it will diminish the scars, but they didn't feel as rough and raised. I'll be sure to keep you  updated.

Have you every bought a product only to be disappointed by it? Let me know in the comments below.  We can compare notes.

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