November 24, 2013

November Ipsy Bag: Glam It Up

So, I got my bag a few days before my birthday and I needed some time to try things out. I didn't jump on things right away because I had tons of new things to play with, but I was pleased with the overall appeal of this bag. I thought that the gold clutch was super cute. Here's the product breakdown for the month.

em by Michelle Phan Lash Gallery Clean Volume Mascara- $20

I've already told you guys about my mascara addiction. I'll say it again if you missed it: I love mascara! I collect it. I might be able to devote an episode of Hoarders to just how much I have. I just can't help it. My excitement was on 10  to try something from YT guru Michelle Phan's new makeup line, bonus points that it was a mascara.My #1 pet peeve with mascara is crunchy lashes. #2 is spider lashes. I hate it. I can not handle it.  In my previous mascara post, I talked about how the brush is the superstar in these situations. The brush is a little on the skinny side, but it's not like the plastic spiky ones in the volumizing ones dominating the market lately. I like big full brushes. That being said, I was impressed with this product. It's really natural-looking in a me-but-better way. It's like being born with beautiful dark natural lashes. I had no  serious issues with clumping and it lengthened very well. I've had a bit better separation with other products. Again, I attribute this to the brush type but overall, this a good product. Is it worth $20? I'm not so sure about all that. There are plenty of drugstore options to compare if you're looking for a great everyday mascara.

Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Crayon in Shameless- $14

Can I just say that I want to love lip crayons? I really do. I now have three of them but I've only been drawn  (haha, see what I did there?) to use one of them. There's nothing wrong with them inherently. Maybe it's just the muscle memory of using lip gloss. Even with lipstick, I rarely apply it straight from the tube. I like the feeling of applying them with brushes. I can't help my diva style, y'all. Anyway, the pencil is very smooth and the coverage is buildable. The color is a what I would describe as a glossy burgundy with a touch of shimmer. It's a very pretty late fall/winter shade for those who aren't ready to make that jump to lipstick.  I don't own any of the drugstore brands of crayon, but most run between $5-$9, so it does make me curious to find out if I can get the same color payoff for cheaper. I really like the color, though.  I want to make more of an effort to use it and give it a fair shot.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Summertime- $18

I have issues with bronzer. I love it when I can find a shade that works for me. Not many stores in my area sell the Cover Girl Queen Collection, so I try to find something else in the drugstore just to see if I can do it. I apparently need to go back to the drawing board and do some more googling.  I have been let down by Pixi once before, so I wasn't excited at all to see this in my bag. It is not dark enough for brown girls. I don't wear MAC, but according to the lady at the counter, I'd be an NC43 (She swatched me, but I felt like it was a bit too light, honestly.) I wear #8 in Urban Decay Naked, Caramel in Revlon Nearly Naked. This bronzer blends into my skin tone. At worst, it makes me look shimmery-going-on-sweaty. At best, I might get a tiny bit of a glow from it if I brush it right. I wasn't feeling this. Maybe for some of my lighter shades of beauty out there it'll work, but round these parts, it's not cutting it.

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Liquid Luau- $13

Truth moment: I love nail polish but I never use it. I'm not sure I ever told you that. I'm for real though. I buy it, use it twice and then it's in a bucket with the rest of them. I think this is due to the fact that I chip them without fail as soon as I start doing life stuff. I kid you not, I some how chip nails twisting doorknobs. So, I didn't even open this. I put it in a bag to give to my sister for Christmas. It's a really pretty champagney bronze color though, perfect for the folks who like neutral colors. I'm sure she'll love it.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil- $14

Silver eye liner is fun. I like it on the bottom waterline as a departure from my regular black or champagne when I want an open eyed look. This fits the bill. It starts off kind of creamy and applies smoothly, byt doesn't smudge a whole lot after you leave it alone for a few minutes, at least not for me. So, if you're looking for something that stays creamy, this wasn't it in my opinion. If you want something to change up your look or help you look a little more awake/festive, look for something silver. I can't say that this is worth $14. It's a pretty lengthy pencil, but I'm sure you can find something similar for less money.

GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment- $69

I didn't use this right away, but I was excited to see it included  because I'd come across it while window shopping on the Sephora website. This stuff is super pricey, so it must be amazing. One day while lounging though, I decided to give it a shot. When they said mud, they meant it. It's a green brown color with little chunks of green tea leaves in it. It doesn't have a specific smell either, so I chilled out for about 20 minutes. I didn't get a super tingle feeling. It was much more slight so maybe I didn't use enough. I let it dry and then proceeded with the rinse process. It says to rub in circular motions while rinsing to remove the product. I must say that I was indeed impressed with the softness and glow that I had. I might consider splurging as a Valentine's day gift for myself or something. I really like it.
Are you excited about any of the products in the bag? Which ones would you love to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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