December 1, 2013

Face of the Day: Golden Chocolate

PhotoGrid_1385853796269My buddy Lauren was in town for the weekend since we had our high school class reunion this past Friday. Naturally, she wanted to continue our tradition of sushi and shopping, so I hopped out of bed (still tired from partying) and put my best face forward!

Since she was running a bit late after getting her kids ready for an afternoon with their grandmother, I had a little extra time to figure out what I wanted to look like. After graduation, we spent most of our time frequenting Ulta and Old Navy, then going back to her house to play with all her new purchases. I say her purchases because I wasn’t as deep in my makeup addiction. I loved looking at it and experimenting with it, but I didn’t own much. I relished in all the time I spent sitting at her desk and picking through the stuff she didn’t want. In fact, I wouldn’t have found that Twilight shadow that I adore so much if it weren’t for her.

Thanks girl. You did that!

Today wasn’t a Twilight kind of day, though. It was a cloudy fall Saturday, so I went with a simple gold and brown look. It was pretty natural look overall, so it seemed to fit the occasion. Here’s the product run down:

- Gold eye shadow
- Medium brown shadow for transition/crease color
- Dark brown for outer corner
- Lip liner and/or gloss slightly darker than your natural lip color. I chose a reddish-brown liner and clear gloss. The liner is from Rimmel, called Rich.

I used the  BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette. I marked them for your convenience, that way you can go through your own collection and find something similar. If you’re in the market for an inexpensive palette with some fun colors and great pigmentation, I highly recommend this one. It never hurts that there’s always a sale going on the website. Since I live in Georgia, the shipping takes a full 7 days, but the wait is worth it considering the value. I think I got this on sale for $9 and I use it all the time.


1. Use an  eye shadow primer to help the shadows stick and show up brightly

2. Blend the lightest brown into the area where your eye ball and socket separate with a small fluffy brush

3. Lightly pat the gold shadow onto the lid. Pressing the shadow on ensures that you get the most color pay off. Leave about 1/3 of your eye near the outer corner blank. This is for the darkest brown.

4. Clean off your shadow brush and start pressing the darkest brown into the blank space on the outer corner. Once you get the color intensity you’re looking for, take your small fluffy brush (clean it off first) and start blending in small circular motions to diffuse the color to get the smokey effect.

And that my loves, is how you get golden chocolate! How do you like it?

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