June 27, 2014

Celebrity Beauty: Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

You know, I tend to feel some kind of way about Rihanna's music. It's never something I like right off the bat. I have to hear it a few times before it grows on me. However,  I never, ever get tired of looking at her. I mean, the woman is gorgeous, even if she does tend to favor the less is more approach when it comes to clothing.
That's why I was particularly surprised and happy to see her on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia.  They don't play the nipple game. You cover up and you make it look good. I say they did well.

The Ruven Afanador conducted photo shoot captured the pop starlet in all her glorious splendor as she served face for days with a black Arabic-style cat eye and glamorous red lips. Can we talk about this henna design? I'm in awe. 

 I may not speak for everyone, particularly Rihanna's hardcore navy fans, but I think I could live if she just decided to put all her efforts into modeling. It obviously comes natural to her.

photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia/Ruven Afanador/Rihanna's Twitter

What do you think of bad gal RiRi's photos? Is it "I can't get enough" or "I'm done?" As always, I'm really enjoying my social media these days. Why don't you join me? Click the links below to follow me everywhere.

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