June 1, 2014

Eye of the Day: Inspired Blue and Yellow Cat Eye

It's practically summer already here in Georgia. We skipped spring and went straight to a constant 86 degrees outside. As such, I'm  already in a bright, summery mood  with my color choices. I had a bit of inspiration for this one though. What was it?

K-pop. Yes. Korean pop music, specifically this image:
I don't think y'all understand. I worship at the alter of K-pop and 2NE1 is one of my favorite groups. I was so psyched  when I heard that the video for "Gotta Be You" was inspired by pop art.  I loved CL's cat eye, especially in the blue shade, so I decided it would be fun to put it against the yellow lid color. 

The Coastal Scents 252 Palette is one of my favorite things in the world thanks to the vast selection of colors. Especially yellow, it's one of those colors that most people don't have. The good thing about this is the fact that Coastal Scents offers all the shadows individually, so you don't have to be overwhelmed with colors you may not use. Both the yellow and blue came from this palette as well as the brown I used in my crease.

Products Used
Elf Eyelid Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil-Milk
Yellow eye shadow (Mine is Solar Flare)
Navy eye shadow (Indigo Dream)
Matte crease color a bit warmer than your skin tone (I used Oktoberfest. an orange-brown)
Shimmery white-gold  to highlight the tail of your wing (Vanilla Sky, which I forgot to mark.Very top left corner of the second  picture.)
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
Kara Lashes in #74

1.Apply your primer and white base- Don't skip the white base, the yellow is bright but definitely needs something sticky to hold it to the eye.

2. Take a flat stiff brush (I used the one from the Naked 1 palette, a concealer brush would also work) and use it to press the yellow on to the lid, keeping the color out of the crease area as much as possible. Pressing the shadow onto the lid ensures that you get the maximum color pay off. Keep going til you get your desired intensity.

3. Take your matte crease color and sweep it into the crease area with a small fluffy brush to blend any harsh lines you may have created with the yellow. This will also make the bright color seem more wearable by toning it down a little. If you lose too much of the yellow, you can touch it up and continue blending.

4. Take your dark blue/ navy eye shadow and your preferred eyeliner brush with a little bit of water (I chose an angled one) and  begin creating your winged liner. Go slowly. You can clean up any mistakes and make the wings more even with concealer or a makeup wipe.

5. Apply the same colors to the bottom lash line with the blue starting on the outer corner, working inward. Take the shimmery white gold color and apply it right under your wing for some sparkle.

6. Apply your mascara and add lashes if you want.

This look was so much fun that I want to do an entire series based on colors from the song. If you're curious what I'm making a fuss about, I've included the video below. Tell me about your favorite songs or celebrity looks below. You never know-- I might do an  inspired look just for you!

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