August 1, 2015

Face of Day: Barely Blue Smoke

When it comes to makeup these days, I've found myself taking the extra simple approach. I don't know if I've just gotten comfortable with just foundation, concealer, blush and mascara with a pink lip, but I figure that something has to give. I gotta step out of my new comfortable box.

While scrolling through one of my makeup groups on Facebook, I saw that one of my high school classmates/new-found makeup friends posted a gorgeous dark plum brown smokey eye look that she was wearing out for her anniversary dinner.  I'm a sucker for a beautiful smoked out look, but as I began to think about it I realized that nearly all my smokey looks were gold or bright-color based. I never do many dark, sultry eyes. I never could quite get them right long ago, so I guess I just gave up on them.

But the one that she posted-- man, that was so stuck in my head.  I knew I needed to go try again. My skills had to have greatly improved since my initial makeup days. If it sucked, I could just wash it off.  So, off to the bathroom. I went. This is what I came out with. A blue-black smokey eye that was edgy and super sexy.

I loved it so much that I was super excited when my love called on the way from work and said he wanted to go out to dinner that night. He even walked in and said "Oooh." That's a complement from a man that is used to seeing me in sweatpants with a full face on a regular basis. Ah, the life of a beauty blogger...  

Eyes: Smashbox 24-hr shadow primer
NYX jumbo pencil in black bean
Coastal Scents 252 palette- Navy Baby on the lid/ Wild Raisin + Vibrant Pink in the crease, then blended over crease slightly with Barista
Urban Decay Subversion lash primer
Mascara Cocktail- Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza + Benefit Roller Lash 

Face: NARS All Day Luminous Foundation in Macao
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium 25
Make Up For Ever Duo Finish Powder in 170 Golden Amber

Blush: Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette 

Lips: Rimmel  Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Spark
Laura Mercier gloss in Bare Pink

How do you like the look? I think it's one of my favorites that I've ever done! Would you all like it if I started writing out the instructions for looks instead of just posting products? Or what about a pictorial? I'm here for you, so of course I want to know what will make you happy.  

That's all I have for you today, my loves! As always, you can find me everywhere on the internet by following these links. Hit me up and let me know if there's anything you want to see.

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