August 23, 2015

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation: An Influenster Vox Box Review

**I received this product for free as a part of the Influenster review program. All opinions are 100% my own**

I'm back with another product review for you-- one that I was kind of excited for-- the new Maybelline Better Skin Foundation. When I got the email from Influenster that I had been selected for the box, I was met with a feeling of happiness and a little bit of dread. I'm going to tell you why.

Finding an amazing foundation for many women of color can be a mega-frustrating process. Drugstore brands are trying to step their game up a bit, (thank you, Loreal,) and some brands made specifically for WOC can be difficult to find locally, at least in my case. Shade ranges are generally incomplete, leaving many of us to purchase two shades to custom mix for our complexion. I have been able to find a shade close enough to my skin tone in most drugstore brands. Maybelline is not one of those. It seems that the darker their shades get. they go red, that is if the colors don't just stop completely.

I'd seen the Better Skin foundation while shopping after a salon visit in Ulta. Needless to say, I was less than enthused to see that the store only carried 6 of the 12 shades and none of them looked like me. The internet pointed me in the direction of Walmart for the full shade range.

Upon receiving my voxbox, I saw that I'd been gifted "Warm Nude." Um hello... not even close. And I never had any choice on the shade. I asked a couple of Facebook friends  that were getting boxes and they said they got to pick. I don't know what happened there. Maybe I was chosen last  and got whatever they had left. Whatever, I decided to use it as a highlight shade and perhaps go look for the proper shade later.

I did like the coverage of the product, despite the fact that I had to mix a drop of my current foundation in it to make it match a bit better.  Without it, it was too ashy. A few days later, I did go out to see if I could find a closer shade. No such luck, Coconut was far too dark. Warm Honey was still too light, but I bought it anyway. It's only a slightly better highlight shade. I've pictured it below with a product that matches me a bit better.

  • The packaging is great. it comes in a glass bottle with a pump that makes dispensing product easy and clean. 
  • The color blue they chose is actually very attractive
  • The coverage is nice. It dries to a nice matte finish.
The BAD:
  • Shade range!!! No, Maybelline, you are not doing women of color any justice with this product line. I even looked through the #MaybellineVoxBox hashtag on instagram, and there are plenty of us complaining about not being able to participate in the challenge due to this fact. You need several shades between Warm Honey and Coconut, and probably a two or three more after it.
  • Consistency-- the formula is a bit thick for my taste. The texture reminds me a lotion. I just choose to thin it out a bit with my face oil.
Unfortunately, I can't say much about better skin after three weeks because I was unable to use the foundation in its full capacity. I don't know if anything is any different than it was nearly a month ago. Maybelline has always been a reliable favorite for me when it comes to other makeup staples like mascara and lipstick, however, they have severely missed the mark with the SuperStay Better Skin line.\

That's all I have for you today, my loves. Til next time, find me all over the internet at the links below! Have you had any experience with this foundation? Are you a brown girl that didn't get to participate in the challenge because the shade range is too small? Tell me about it!

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