November 20, 2015

31 Lessons I Learned Just In Time to Turn 31

It's my birthday, yay!

Well, by the time you're reading this it won't be but I thought this week's post would be appropriate for self-reflection. Sometimes, I feel like I'm weird because I didn't have that quintessential "OMG, I'm 30 and I'm old and do I see a wrinkle? " freak out. No. That wasn't me. I was more along the lines of something like this:

"OMG, I'm 30 and what have I done with my life?!"

 But see, turning 31 was a bit different. I woke up and I literally didn't care what I'd done with my life over the last year. Not because I'm ungrateful, but because it's nearly inconsequential to what I am doing today. I had some great moments last year.

I got engaged and married.
I saw my husband graduate with his Master's degree.
I got to celebrate my grandmother's 95th birthday with her.
I did makeup for a fashion show AND a reality show pilot.

Yes, they were great, but they don't have anything to do with today, right now. And the moments of uncertainty, sadness, confusion that didn't make the list don't have much to do with today, either. Birthdays are a new start. I don't want to live in the past, dwelling over what I haven't done or looking back on the happy times like it's the best I'm ever going to do. No. I'm sorry. There's still a lot left to do. But I can look back and talk about what those moments made me.

The things that I'm most excited to remember are not the moments that I've been a part of. It's the lessons that I took from them. You learn a ton of stuff going through life. Most of it is small stuff-- things you never even think about as you go about your day. For a second, I had a hard time thinking of lessons simply because they were small things rather than huge, life-altering truth bombs. If I'm being honest, though, most of life is made up of little moments that add up to a great story. I think little lessons are what add up to being the person that you are. So, I did some thinking (and asked some friends) and these are my top 31 lessons that I've learned over my 31 years on Earth in no particular order.

1.       Don’t be ashamed of your name and don’t let people mispronounce it. After a while, it seems awfully disrespectful after you've corrected them multiple times.
2.       Manners are seriously important. Nobody wants to work with anyone who is rude.
3.       The same goes for your attitude.  Check yourself.
4.       Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.
5.       It’s okay to be picky in life, but always be realistic.
6.       There is nothing wrong with saying “No.”
7.       People change and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be worried if they don’t.
8.       There is always going to be someone better than you, that doesn't make your journey less important.
9.       Fight for what you believe in.
10.   There is a difference between YOUR truth and THE truth.
11.   Smile and say hi to people. They don’t know the miss it until it happens.
12.   People may have opinions about your life, but they don’t live it. Do you.
13.   Having a relationship isn't everything in life. It’s okay to be single.
14.   There is a lot of sadness and despair in the world, but don’t let the world steal your joy.
15.    Be a good person, no matter how awful someone is to you.
16.   The right person will love you for exactly who you are and inspire you to be better.
17.   Tell your loved ones you love them. You never know when they won’t be here anymore.
18.   Don’t underestimate the power of a good friendship.  Be the best friend you can.
19.   Say I’m sorry. Being able to apologize is a strength.
20.   Hearing is different from actively listening. Learn to listen before you speak.
21.   Different is beautiful.
22.   Learn to trust your intuition. You know deep down when something isn't for you.
23.   Practice perspective. Just because something is small to you doesn't mean it’s small for others.
24.   Think outside the box. There is always a different way to do something.
25.   Invest in a damn good bra. You won’t believe the way it changes things.
26.   Nothing will lift your spirits like a good lipstick.
27.   Have a theme song and listen to it whenever you’re having a moment of doubt.
28.    You don’t really have haters. Most people couldn't care less about what you’re doing.
29.   People will act like they support you, but secretly wonder why you’re doing something. Don’t fall for the crab mentality.
30.    Things will absolutely not go the way you planned. Get over it.

31.   Facebook is not real life. The grass may look greener, but you don’t see the sh-t on it.

That's all I have for you today loves!  What is one of the greatest lessons you've learned as you've gotten older? Hit me up at any of the links below and let me know.

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