January 4, 2016

Face of the Day: New Year's Eve Makeup Revisited

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Like most families, I have spent the last few weeks swept up in the fervor of holiday shopping and family gatherings. After all the Christmas feasts and presents were opened, I was actually quite excited to bring in the new year. I had a pretty awesome 2015, but 2016 could only be better.

It was honestly, just another excuse to pull out the glitter for my makeup.

So last night, I pulled out all my goodies and put together this really pretty brown duochrome look to wear to my husband's cousin's shindig. It was a lot of fun, even if we sat around stuffing our faces and listening to his childhood stories. I think that's the best way to spend most of the time actually.

Anyway, back to the makeup...

I decided to try a pictorial for you. Hopefully it helps explain what I did a little better than words alone.

1. Prime eyelid with your favorite eyelid primer.

2, Add a green shadow base in the center of your lid. Here, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in
Ready Set Green. Edgy Emerald  or NYX jumbo pencil in Rocky Mountain Green will also work.

3.Take a dark coffee brown shadow and place it on the inner and outer corner of the eye in a patting motion.  Patting will deposit the most color. Brush a little into the crease to enclose the green.

4. Take a color that is close to your skin tone  and buff it into the crease on a fluffy brush. This will clean up any harsh lines that you have going on. Touch up any of the brown that you may have lost on your corners.

5. Using a flat brush that you have sprayed with a bit of water, place your lid color. I used Java by MicaBella Beauty. It's a gorgeous brown shadow that reflects blue-green in the light. Urban Decay Solstice, MAC Club or Colourpop Partridge are good options.

6. Touch  up your other colors to maintain the vibrant look

7. Brush the dark brown under your lower lashes, leaving the inner corner bare. If you want it to be smokier, add a touch of black starting from the outer corner brushing inward.

8. Using that same damp brush, add the center lid color to your inner corner of the lower lash line.

Finish up with mascara and you're all done! Isn't it pretty? Depending on the way the light hits it, it might be blue, green or brown!

On my lips is Laura Mercier's lip glace in Bare Pink.

Tell me about your New Year's: Did you spend it at home or out on the town? As always, you can find me at the links below.  Happy New Year to you and yours!

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